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Dramatically improve your chances in winning agency pitches

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Every time your agency makes a pitch, the odds are against you (< 33%). 

If, that is, you play with the some weapons your competitors do.  But you don’t have to.

Based on advanced sales techniques and behavioural science, I’ve developed a specifically tailored method that, once mastered, gives you a significant advantage over your opponents.


Know Clients Needs

Read and understand potential clients better so you know what they are truly looking for in an agency and on the pitch

Adjust Communication Style

Mould your team’s communication style and story so that it truly resonates with the audience at the pitch

Read Clients Reactions

Instantly read reactions to your pitch so you can quickly address potential resistance before it crystallises and kills your approval.

Build Better Relations

Quickly earn the client's trust and respect, essencial to having their will to listen and work with you.

Manage Energy Levels

Make sure to be at your best while pitching, plus have your client fully committed with your pitch.

Overcome the Subconscious

Learn to identify irrational cognitive biases and make sure they are not working against you.

A more sophisticated approach

The pitching process can be a bumpy ride. A clear vision of the Client’s business is not given. Client briefs are often unclear. Access to the real decision-maker is being blocked. Sometimes you don’t even know who you’re up against. Nor wether you are a favourite, or a wild card. 

Moreover, all this in a process where agencies have to go through months of work in only weeks or days, for free and with no clues on how that work will be judged.

Well, you can tackle all these issues head on, with a sophisticated approach that will allow you to understand and effectively deal with all the rational as well as the irrational behaviours at play, without having to become a neuroscientist.

Coach to Pitch + Pitch to win intensive training program

I am specialised in converting RFP opportunities. My approach to generating business is based in science, strategy and method.

A method that will separate you from all other agencies.

My goal is to ensure you win the client, plus without having to sacrifice your price. In fact, you will move away from the buying departments desire to rate you based on costs, and be able to collect a premium fee.

I will bring you the experience from having been on both the agency and the client side.

I will lead you through what I have learned through thousands of hours dedicated to understanding human behaviour and decision making.

I am specialised in converting new business with agencies no matter their focus being integration, transformation, digital, advertising, media, experiential, events or others.

​Training method​

Together, we will address many critical aspects of the pitch process, that are vital to make your team more effective at winning in your own terms. This includes:

  • Becoming a trusted and respected partner
  • Understanding the communication profiles of the client, of your team and synchronising them
  • Turning the brief and all meetings before the actual pitch into your favour
  • Accessing the actual Decision-Maker
  • Understanding what is the problem the agency actually has to solve
  • Knowing how to sell your agency
  • Knowing how to sell your proposal
  • Pricing your services without it becoming a barrier
  • Reading the Room/Handling Client Questions
  • Additional Presentation Skills Training/Coaching

Are you ready to take your agency pitching game to the next level?

Learn more about this training programme. Submit your request and I'll get back to you.

Free and with zero commitments.

About Miguel Figueiredo

Miguel is a coach, Mentor and Keynote Speaker.

Before that he was founder and CEO of a digital Marketing agency, which later sold to WPP. The main reason for them to buy? the 58% ration of pitches WON.

He has also worked on the client side. For 10 years he worked in multinational companies, having been responsible for hiring hundreds of agencies.

With certifications in coaching (PCC), by ICF, in Emotional Skills and competencies, by Paul Ekman institute, and in classic and New code NLP, trained by Jonh Grinder himslef, plus more than 20 years of experience, Miguel has majored in Business Management and has several post graduations by London Business school, IMD Switzerland, EPG oPorto and Nova Lisbon.

He also teaches at Universidade Católica and ISCTE-INDEG.

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