12 tips from the sales champions

About this program

From studying those who consistently meet their sales objectives, it is clear that there are rules which when followed they allow to replicate that success.

Through a fun and interactive lecture, Miguel shares with the audience 12 tips about efficient behaviours that he observed being common among the best sellers, and which he applied successfully when he was leading his own advertising agency.


To motivate the sales team to give their best
To become aware of all the aspects that salespersons have to master in order to be highly efficient
To inspire them to continuously improve themselves as salespersons

This lecture is great for

B2B sales team who have to get in touch with their potential customers and whose success of sales depends on a face-to-face sales pitch. Typically, we are talking about consulting companies, advertising agencies, IT companies, equipment suppliers, providers of office services, etc.


1 hour


Dynamic lecture


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