A Vision for a new society

About the lecture

We are living a period of great transformation. The shift in the economic power to the East, the degradation of natural resources, the technological development, the discredit on institutions, these are factors that are bringing great uncertainty to the future of companies. In the face of uncertainty, most companies paralyse while awaiting the development of the events until it is too late.
In this lecture, Miguel explores with the audience the possible social model toward which we are heading and according to that model, how companies may anticipate in order to be true drivers of social and economic innovation. Doing so, those companies ensure a prosperous and sustainable future.


To challenge thinking out-of-the-box
To emphasise the importance of innovation
To motivate change in behaviours

This lecture is great for

Companies focused on creating a sustainable future.
Companies that are leaders in their sectors and want to maintain their leadership or companies that clearly assume the role of “David” who wants to overthrow and replace “Goliath”.


2 hours




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