How to deal with changes

About the lecture

In a world where it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find standard strategies that ensure success, an attitude of constant experimentation and adaptation to the circumstances is becoming critical for survival. For someone who wants to go further and thrive, it is absolutely essential to avoid what everybody else is doing.

In a rather unconventional conversation full of humour, stories, parables, metaphors and even an occasional onomatopoeia, Miguel addresses issues such as creativity, risk aversion, beliefs, habits, and, how it is within each of us, the capability to accept, manage, and deal with changes.

In this lecture, some specific tips concerning how to change our behaviours in order to be more effective in dealing with changes are also addressed.


To challenge the status quo
To prepare teams for change

This lecture is great for

Companies that need to implement strong changes within their organisations and want to prepare their teams for accepting those changes.
Companies that are interested in creating a culture oriented to the constant adaptation of new paradigms.


2 hours




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