Communicating as a leader

About this Workshop

Rapport is the ability to create close and harmonious relationship in which people understand each other’s feelings or ideas and, it is the best foundation for providing an effective communication that involves the audience and motivates the participants’ action. Nevertheless, it is not the only factor.

In this Workshop, we focus on Rapport but also on advanced skills of communication, from flow to non-verbal communication.

The programme is organised as follows:

Day 1
Build on confidence
Manage the audience and the initial introduction
Find out which archetype matches each of the speakers

Day 2
Work on storytelling: openings, closings, flow and focus management
Work on creation of slides

Day 3
Work on body language
Work on voice placement

Day 4
(2 weeks after the first 3 days)
Application of the skills that were learned before a real audience

IMPORTANT: This workshop involves a lot of practice over the four days, so participants are advised to bring with them a presentation that they had made in the past.


To be able to speak in public
To have the skills to capture and thrill an audience

This lecture is great for

Senior executives who have to talk to large teams at internal and external conferences and/or speak to the media.

All participants receive the recordings made in order to witness their evolution.


3 days + 1


Workshop for 4 to 20 people maximum.


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