Creating a winning sales pitch

About this programme

A one-day workshop, which combines theory with case studies and exercises that are done during the training.


The team becomes aware of the importance on how a pitch should be presented and submitted
To provide them with a set of powerful tools that they can use for preparing and presenting a pitch
To inspire them to continually seek to improve as salespersons


1. Identification of the target audience
2. Identification of the target audience, insight and placement
3. Creation of the message
4. Pursuit of leads: get a foot in the door
5. Prepare the sales pitch: from the structure to the slide
6. Manage verbal communication and know the audience
7. The creation of rapport
8. Neuro-Linguistic Programming – saying the right word at the right time

This lecture is great for

B2B sales team who have to get in touch with their potential customers and whose success of sales depends on a face-to-face sales pitch. Typically, we are talking about consulting companies, advertising agencies, IT companies, equipment suppliers, providers of office services, etc.


2 days (16 hours)


Indoor training with practical exercises.


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