Gestão da Pressão do tempo

Time Pressure Management

About this Workshop

To feel one doesn’t waste time with inefficiencies, miss-understandings, or repetitive work is vital not just for the proper functioning of an organisation, but also for the mental health of each individual.

This is a training program that will focus each person’s attention in managing properly their time and relationships, whilst providing healthy and efficient methodologies to deal with those dimensions.


  • To develop insights on how to manage time and relationships;
  • To give to each person a set of frameworks to help them manage time, tasks and relationships;
  • To energise and motivate the team to embrace new behaviours;
  • To put them one step closer to achieving a gradual process of cultural change within the organisation.


The Workshop will approach 3 dimensions:

1. Time management

  • Priority Vs Urgent - the Eisenhower matrix
  • Managing meetings
  • Task organisation
  • Decision making

2. Relationship management

  • Assertive communication
  • Feedback management
  • Conflict management
  • Asking for help Vs autonomy

3. Dealing with stress

This lecture is great for

Everyone working within a team.


1 dia (8 h)


Talks and practical exercises


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