Miguel Figueiredo

Coa​ch, Mentor & Keynote Speaker

“Become the best version of you.”

He has already worked in large organisations such as Unilever and Sonae. He has already created his own start-up, which he sold to a multinational company. He is a lecturer at Universidade Católica, ISCTE and he is a long-standing team trainer. He is also a perpetual student who seeks to learn with the best. Miguel Figueiredo has an accumulated experience of more than 20 years that he places at your disposal.

Full biography:

After earning a degree in Business Administration at Universidade Católica, he began his career in 1996 in marketing at Unilever, where he was involved in national and international projects. In 2001, he became the Marketing Director at Sonaecom – Residential fixed telecommunications, responsible for the Clix Portal, among others.

In 2006, he left to create Excentric, which quickly became one of the most prestigious digital marketing agencies in Portugal. In 2013, Excentric merged with Grey, creating ExcentricGrey, the first truly integrated agency in Portugal, with technology at its core. After the merger, the agency grew from the 13th to the 5th largest agency in Portugal, in less than two years. He remained as its Chairman and CEO until the end of 2015.

In 2016, he began a new stage, in which he is still linked to the agency, and is responsible for an international project within the Y&R group, of which ExcentricGrey is now part.

Furthermore, this is also the moment when Miguel Figueiredo decided to make all his knowledge and talent available to companies and individuals. His main objective is to help companies and individuals to become the best versions of themselves, so that they can achieve true success, which allows them to achieve their objectives, through a happier lifestyle.

Despite starting to work as a coach and mentor only this year, Miguel already has a lot to offer. In addition to very diverse professional experiences, in which he has worked in large multinational and national companies, created his own businesses and participated in the merger of several, Miguel never abandoned learning and his academic side.

Because of this, he has several postgraduate degrees from the London Business School, IMD Switzerland, EPG and Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in areas such as leadership, innovation, negotiation and team management. He has read hundreds of books on the subjects of motivation, emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication. He is also an ICF certified Coach and has learned the techniques of reading micro-expressions in a workshop created by Dr. Paul Ekman himself.

Due to his enjoyment in sharing knowledge, since 2009 Miguel Figueiredo has also been a mentor to students, a business consultant, a speaker and a professor at Universidade Católica and ISCTE, and has trained numerous teams in various companies.

For a more detailed curriculum for Miguel Figueiredo, consult his profile on LinkedIn.

I’ve known Miguel for more than 20 years and I consider him a person that combines excellent leadership capabilities, determination and objectiveness, with the character, the identity and the set of values that I dearly respect.

Miguel Loureiro Silva , Founder & CEO, datatekin

Miguel has insights and an intuition above average that, combined with his professional experience in leading people and businesses makes him an outstanding mentor. Miguel has the ability to help others fly high in both their personal and professional life.

Mario Silva , Consultant, Public & VC Funding Specialist

Miguel gathers the most important characteristic of the future Manager: creativity. He has an unusual and rare capability of using his vast knowledge in such a creative way that allows for his customers and partners to make a difference. He is a charismatic leader always hungry for knowledge and new ideas and that is why he will continue to be one step ahead.

Gonçalo Alves do Rio , Deputy Director, EDP

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