In any desired change, the best starting point begins with getting to know ourselves, and those around us better, and keeping focused on our goals and plans of action. To this end, in this section you have FREE ACCESS to a set of useful tools. Enjoy!

Who am I?

A series of online tests that provide clues to better understand your values and dominant behaviours. (This download only provides you with access to links to the tests.)

Search for your purpose

You already know yourself but you have too many paths to choose from? This tool will help you understand the right path for you.

Life vision

Do you know where you want to go but lack the focus to get there? This tool is for you.

Assertiveness test

Do you fear the way you communicate with others is hurting you or others? Find out.

Nonviolent communication (NVC)

Do you need to deal with a harsh conflict? NVC helps you prepare for it.

20 Great job interview questions

Are you ready for a job interview? Either you're the interviewer or the interviewed this set of questions will help you excel.

Be H.A.P.P.Y.® Assessment

Know what kind of behaviours and patterns of thoughts are either boosting or crippling your ability to lead a happy life


Clarifying requests

Do you need to ask something from a person, department or partner? Prepare a suitable brief.

Business idea

Do you have an idea for a business and do not know where to start? Start here.

Team vision

Does your team feel lack of purpose? Create a unifying and motivating vision.


Want to make sure your brand is relevant and distinctive? Than assure you have a unique positioning. Give it a try.

Defining a communication targer

Don't know with whom your brand should communicate? Answer this key questions to help you define your core target.

Building a great sales pitch

Want to have a great sales pitch? These key questions will help you to close a sale.

Business Team Dynamics Assessment®

Are you a CEO of a business that is having trouble growing? Diagnose where the problem lies.

Pitching Capability Test

Are You Maximizing Your Company's Performance on Every Pitch? Find out your pitching score

The proper use of these tools can lead to powerful discoveries that will put you on course for a change for the better.

If you want to make this trip with assistance:

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