Prepare your company for the future

We live in a time of great changes and a great deal of uncertainty.

This brings an additional pressure to organisations, their leaders, and their teams, which often lead them to focus only on survival.

Nevertheless, in order to secure a long and sustainable future, an organisation has to be more than just a survivor.

It has to be able to be an integral part of our future as consumers, community, and society.

How? First, the organisations need to be aware of the trends and the path toward which our civilisation is rushing. Then, they have to forget about adapting and be a driver for change instead. In order to be a driver for change, they need to let go of self-centred visions that are only focused on profit at all costs. In the current environment of total exposure, this is less and less viable. Instead, companies really need to focus on contributing for a better life of their consumers, their workers, their partners, the society as a all and of the planet. Nowadays, more and more startups are born from this spirit and have success because the existing companies, already operating in the market, are not able to change. So, organisations that want to have a future need desperately to change.

Miguel helps your company to reinvent itself in order to become part of the exciting future that is underway.

For this purpose and using coaching and mentoring techniques, and/or consulting services, Miguel can work with you and your company in the following areas:



Miguel combines strategic thinking with a unique set of communication skills, which allows him to sense what needs to be fixed, in both people and the organization, and then deliver change with excellency. He is a natural born leader and knows how to harness his team's full potential.

Nuno Moreira , Partner, Fullsix Portugal

I had the pleasure of being Miguel’s client and very proud of becoming his friend when he was still able to disguise his passion for coaching. By that time he was a successful CEO of one of the most creative and professional digital agencies. Now that his passion has finally overcome, I have all the confidence in the world to recommend him as a coach. His competencies, personal values, infinite curiosity, work capability and above all, his intelligence, will make him a top-level coach. Working with Miguel will surely guarantee scoring many goals. So call him today. That’s what I would do if I wasn’t afraid our friendship might spoil it.

Mário São Vicente , Diretor de comunicação, Governo Português

Miguel is an excellent trainer and a natural keynote speaker. He has the power to easily draw people’s attention not just by his profound knowledge but also by the way he expresses it. In the training sessions he engages the audience and sets a highly interactive environment.

Ana Paula Gigante , Diretora R.H., WPP

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