Desafie o seu marketing

Are you sure that your business is being marketed as well as possible?

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Challenge your marketing

This is a unique, one-day programme where the various choices related to the marketing mix will be debated in a team by asking powerful questions so as to unblock paths and identify previously unconsidered options.

This workshop enables you to:


Improve your Marketing Mix Performance


Stimulate out-of-the-box thinking by your marketing team.


The following marketing challenges will be addressed:

  • Why do they sell what they sell?
  • Who are they selling to?
  • Who are they communicating with?
  • Paths towards innovation
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • The role of the digital

Using this process, by the end of the day, you will have drawn up a robust, well-founded marketing mix that will make the team as a whole feel very happy.

Length: 1 day (8h)

Workshop capacity: 8 people

Optimize your company's investment. Ensure consistent and optimized marketing.

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