Criar Visão Inspiradora

Does it feel like your company's vision is no different than that of so many others? that you haven't marshalled the power to inspire and move your team?

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Create an Inspiring Vision

So very often, all that keeps a solid business from becoming the undisputed market leader is the need to define a vision that is rooted in the reason for its existence and that can motivate all of its stakeholders.

This workshop will shape your company's vision. Whether you are creating it from scratch or perfecting an existing one, we will look together at how you can make your vision so unique and powerful that it can rouse passionate committment in your customers, partners and employees.

This workshop enables you to:


Draw up a purpose and a spirit of mission


Communicate more effectively


Recognize your strengths and make the most of them


In this workshop we will build up your company's vision, piece by piece.

Programme content:

  • What is the function of a vision?
  • Identifying stakeholders, desires and fears
  • Identifying the problem that your business addresses - or the opportunity it creates
  • Approaching the relevant context
  • Building up, together, the various components of a Vision:
    • Mission
    • Ambition
    • Values
    • Strategic priorities
  • Drafting a plan - What has to change so as to live this new Vision?

Length: 1 day (8h)

Workshop capacity: 8 people

Create a vision that entices your customers, team, and partners.
Prepare your business for the future.

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