Socorro, o meu mundo está a mudar

Help! My world is changing

While it is true that change has always been a part of life, that truth has never been more intense in the business world than it is today.

And yet, human nature is prone to resisting change, to fighting it, rather than to chancing a peek and seeking out all the opportunities that change can offer.

However, this combative and resilient spirit, if maintained, risks crystallizing and condemning the entire company to failure, as has happened in such obvious cases as Kodak or Nokia.

This talk invites us to reflect on this attitude, as well as proposing an alternative: a positive attitude, at once critical yet truly constructive.

30 min to 2h as needed

This talk aspires to:


Reflect on individuals' attitude towards change


Make room for a change in attitude


Encourage daring, experimentation and change.

Learn how this topic can be tailored for your team so as to make it truly impactful.

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