To innovate is to prosper

In today’s world, it is increasingly hard to find standardized strategies that guarantee success, so an attitude of constant experimentation and adaptation to circumstances becomes critical to survival.
And for those who want to go further and achieve excellence, avoiding what everyone else is doing is absolutely mandatory.

In an offbeat talk, full of good humor, parables, metaphors, and even the occasional onomatopoeia, Miguel takes up issues such as creativity, risk aversion, beliefs, habits, and, how it is up to each of us to accept, manage and lead innovation.

The lecture also provides concrete tips on how to change our behaviours to be more effective in implementing innovations.

30 min to 2h as needed

This talk aspires to:


Challenge the status quo


Enable you to become an agent of innovation


Experiment, take risks

Learn how this topic can be tailored for your team so as to make it truly impactful.

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