Become the best version of YOU

Are you CEO and want to achieve extraordinary results?

Are you head of HR and you want to provide training to your company that actually makes the difference?

Are you the Head of a Team and want to transform it into a world-class team?

Do you feel like a mere pawn and you wish to become a general?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions than Coaching may be a great solution for you.

We all have tremendous potential inside of us

A potential that, when unleashed it enables us to achieve ANY goal.

The key to awaken this potential is simple. You need to:


Believe that you can achieve your goals


Have an unshakeable will to achieve your goals


To be capable of putting a plan into practice and adjust it based on feedback.

This formula, although simple, is difficult to implement.

Specially alone. This is often what we feel when we are in a leadership position, or when we face a situation that seems too big for us. We exaggerate the hardness of circumstances. Everything appears to be against us. But in fact, what has happened is we have stopped being able to see the opportunities. We are only focused on the obstacles. And because of that, many tend to give up. They do the least they can do and go through life that way rather than living it.

BUT there is NO need to be this way. In fact, it should NOT be this way.

Imagine you decide to become a top-level athlete.

The first step you take is to get a coach, isn’t it? You know that it will be hard to achieve your best without someone by your side to unleash your full potential. The victories that you achieve will always be yours, the result of YOUR efforts and dedication. What the coach will do is to make these efforts and dedication as productive as possible, so that you maximize your growth in the right direction.

If it’s obvious to you that you should have a coach if you were a top level athlete, than it must also be obvious to you that you should get a coach, whatever your profession.


Because all of us have our targets to attain, just like an athlete. Targets for which we will need to harness all our potential. And why make this journey on your own? Why should only athletes have a coach?


This is what a coach does. This is what Miguel does.

Together you will access your full potential and transform it into real ability to get things done.

Miguel was an excellent coach to me. He helped me not only to improve my self-aware but also to design and set in motion a plan to achieve my goals. He makes the right questions, the right assessment of the situation and he builds trust. I strongly recommend Miguel to whomever is looking for a coach to take them to the next level.

Rodrigo Pinto , Marketing Strategist, Live Content

Miguel is an outstanding coach, leader and entrepreneur, with unique set of communication skills, strategic thinking and an amazing ability to teach and motivate others. I have had the pleasure to hire Miguel as keynote speaker for a Blue Shift event and the results could not have been any better. If you are looking to motivate, coach and develop your team to the next level, Miguel is the one you want. Thank you for all the knowledge and for making us stronger! Achievers make the change!

Francisco Nogueira de Sousa , CEO e fundador, Blue Shift

If being a Coach means among other things, to pass on knowledge and experiences, Miguel has the necessary skills to make that brilliantly happen. Calm, thoughtful and a sensible leader, Miguel was for a brief time my boss and that was enough for me to understand that he was someone with whom I could share my things, and trust his advises and opinions.

Edson Athayde , CEO & CCO, FCB Lisbon

Do you want to change? Do you NEED to change? Then stop delaying it. The moment to take the first step has arrived. Invest in yourself and contact Miguel.


If you want to be coached by Miguel, book now your first sessions free and with zero commitments.


if you which to hire Miguel for team coaching or to coach multiple executives in your company, setup a call to discuss the scope of work and ask for a proposal.

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