Having problems in growing your business even when you believe you are doing everything within your power?

Why is it that some business owners break growth plateaus where others cannot?

Why can they do this even though they have equal talent, the same financial means and an equal commitment to success?

When building the agency I sold to WPP in 2013, my greatest challenge was to always ensure we were on the cutting edge, ahead of the trends and adopting new innovations.

As a leader I felt this must always be borne on my shoulders.

And I paid for that belief with a priceless investment: my own time.

The time it takes to painfully and slowly grow, always under pressure.

A pressure that drains you, limiting your ability to identify options and seize opportunities, paralysing you until your competitors are constantly breathing down your neck.

BUT I broke the cycle.

I discovered that when we, as leaders, develop a set of SPECIFIC conditions within our companies OUR PEOPLE WILL RESPOND WITH UNPARALLELED COMMITMENT, TALENT AND CREATIVITY.

And suddenly, we are not alone any more. We have a capable and powerful force behind us, as passionate and committed to success as we are.


After my company was acquired, I studied the powerful culture that had been at the core of my business and turned it into a System to help other owners like me.

The benefits of this System for you are:

Allows you to create a WINNING TEAM without years of experimentation, guesswork and wasted spending

Releases YOU from the drain of micro-management and puts you in the role of visionary LEADER

Unleashes the REAL potential of your people and your business

Miguel is an exceptional marketing professional with a deep insight for consumers. He is also a very good general manager especially for project design and conception. He is always creative, thought provoking and a very good colleague.

Luís Filipe Reis , Chief Corporate Center Officer, Sonae

I have had the privilege of following Miguel's professional path ever since we graduated from Católica and I have been amazed time and again with his leadership skills and entrepreneurial drive. Miguel's rich experience in growing companies and leading teams position him as a great coach and mentor who can help managers become exceptional at their jobs through expertly guided questions and challenges.

Hugo Pereira , Presidente, Kendall Develops e Partner, Shilling Capital Partners

Miguel is a seasoned entrepreneur, with experience in both corporate ventures and autonomous start-ups. I have followed his work for more than 10 years and I believe that his mature creativity will be of great help for his coaching and mentoring clients.

Pedro Morais Leitão , CEO, PRIO


I’d like to extend you the offer of scheduling a no-cost 45 minute Team Dynamics Assessment® Session with me.

In this call we’ll diagnose your situation and goals, and see whether we are a fit to work together to transform your business.

So go to the link below now and pick your time on my calendar, and I look forward to speaking very soon.

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